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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Breaking An Addiction

How to stop an addiction?

The only way to overcome an addiction is through the power of God and your own will power. Whenever we pray to the Lord asking for help, God helps us and it is through the finished work of Jesus Christ. When Jesus died on the cross, he took with him all our problems, infirmities, sicknesses and addictions. When He died, Christ said, “it is finished” (John 19:30) meaning if we have being praying for healing, we are already healed. If we have being praying for a breakthrough, there has already being a breakthrough. If we have being praying to overcome an addiction, we have already overcome it. The word of God declares in Isaiah 53.5 that by his (Jesus’s) stripes (wounds from the whipping) we are healed. The “are” is in the present tense meaning when you ask for change from God, you have already received it.

Having said that, you might be saying to yourself but how come I am still addicted? How come I am still doing what I am not supposed to be doing? I can’t feel the power of God at work in me. Where, where, where is that deliverance? The word of God says in John 20:29 that blessed is the man who does not see, but believes. Again, the word of God says in 2 Corinthians 5:7 that we live by faith and not by sight. The word of God also says in Mathew 21:22 that anything you shall ask in His name (Jesus name) believing, you will receive. 

With these scriptures, you will see that the power of God is already at work in us. Jesus death on the cross made way for the power of the Holy Spirit to work in us. It is finished Jesus said meaning the power of God is now at work in our lives. As I write this now, it is at work. As you are struggling and looking for answers, it is at work. This means that the moment you pray and ask God to help you, you tap into the available power at work. 

When the word of God says we live by faith and not by sight, it means that by faith, we see ourselves set free and delivered. Furthermore, when it says we live not by sight, it means that we don’t dwell on the present situation and say we are enslaved to it. No, we rise up and say we are set free. We see ourselves breaking through and moving forward. When we do that, the power of God is made alive and real in our lives. 

When the word of God says blessed is the man who does not see yet believes, it means that, though you may not feel it and see the power of God at work, you believe it and by believing it, you are blessed and when you are being blessed, it means that you are set free, healed, delivered and your prayer is answered.

This is the basic principle of the power of prayer. When you pray, you live your prayer. This means that after you have prayed, you live your life positively and in a way that makes your prayer a reality. For example, you might be praying to get a job. So after praying, you don’t just sit there expecting the job to come to you or expecting some kind of angelic visit bringing you your answer. No, you have to go and look for a job. Because you have already prayed, God has already secured a job for you. You will be surprised at how real and good God is when you finally get the job. 

Likewise, when you pray and ask God to break-away from an addiction, for example, pornography, you must live in a way that makes that a reality. If you have been so accustomed to sitting in-front of a computer screen looking at porn, you have to stop that by watching good Christian teachings or videos, reading the bible or doing something that reflects and shows that you have broken away from it. Because you have already prayed, you will see that the more you do that, the more that desire and hunger for porn dies away and eventually to a point where you will hate it. That is the power of God at work.

Our addictions will only return to us when we allow them to. God has nothing to do with them but it is us who have everything to do with them. When we pray and ask for deliverance, the power of God is at work in us. The power of God is upon us and we live in the realm of that power. There is only one thing so powerful that even the power of God will not be able to stop and that is our decision or choice to sin. God created us to be powerful little human beings and it is that decision-making power that makes that possible. There is only one thing that God has no control over and that is our decision. We either choose good or bad. By choosing good, we are on the winning circle with God. By choosing bad, we are on the losing circle with satan. 

To really understand the statement of God having no control over our choices is to see it this way. In a person, two things are at work. The first one is God’s power. The second one is our power (decision/choice). Our decision is the only thing that God has no control over. It is the only thing that can move us out of God’s power and into our own destruction. That is the reason why when want to commit sin, God does not show up and say “hey son or daughter, what you are doing is wrong, I’m gonna give you a smack”. When you want to sin, you can freely do it. God cannot stop you because God has given you the power of decision-making. He is not a dictator to force you to love him and serve him. Those are things we should be doing out of love and reverence for Him.

We can only go back to our addictions if we choice to. God has nothing to do with it. The moment you are delivered from your addiction, satan is crying to have you back. Actually, the addiction is satan himself. Again, it is not satan’s fault that we get hooked up with our addictions again but it is ours. It is always our fault. We are always at fault and not God and not satan. Satan only presents and we choice either to accept or reject. We are the ones responsible for going back to our addictions.

Having said that, we must never forget that we are a child of God. He created us. He formed us. He loves us and wants the best for us. Though we were lost, doomed and heading straight for hell, He sent His Son Jesus to die for us. He couldn’t afford to see the children whom He dearly loved perish. That is why He saved us so that we can have eternal and abundant life. Yes, right here on earth before we go back to heaven.

The bottom line is satan is a loser. He has already being defeated and his time is coming when he will be tormented in hell for eternity. How can we always go back to our addictions or in other words to satan who is a loser and by going back, we also become a loser.

We are a set apart, set free people by the power of Almighty God through the power of the blood of Jesus and the great Holy Spirit. We are healed, we are delivered, we are saved in Jesus name. Our addictions have being broken, our diseases have being healed, and we are made prosperous in Jesus name.

In order to break out from an addiction, you need:

  1. God’s power
  2. Your power (will and decision)

You cannot overcome it on your own. You need God and God needs you so that you can overcome it. God is real and living and His power is at work every day. Satan has being defeated therefore; you and I must live a victorious life. We cannot be a slave to him. Remember, God is always there to help so run to him when you need it.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

AU TAI? (Who Am I?)

Early Days
I was born in Port Moresby on the 8th of February, 1989. I became the third child of Henry Aria Arua from Yule Island and Boio Heni from Porebada village. Both places are located in the Central Province of Papua New Guinea. 

I grew up as a Christian as my father was a devoted Catholic.  My mother was United but after she got married to Dad, she was converted to Catholic. Conversion is just a Catholic Church law that is upheld every time a man (catholic) marries a woman (non-catholic) to allow for the marriage to take place. Anyway, this is religious staff and I don’t want to get deep into it.

Though I was a Christian and knew there existed God in those early years of my childhood, my knowledge about God was limited as I had grown up with all the traditions and systems of the Catholic Church. I only knew God as creator and protector and not anything else. I remember the days when Dad would rush us every Sunday mornings to go to church when coming back would remind me to say the Rosary and pray.

My Father
My father was a typical Kairuku man from Koaekupuna village on Yule Island. As any other native man of the area, he was initiated into the culture and traditions of that place. He was a very strong cultural man and believed and practiced all the rituals that were taught by his father and ancestors. Cultural beliefs were like a religion to him and he believed in them. 

Though a Christian, he still had a deep connection with his culture. This is a major misconception I have noticed about my people and it is that though they are Christians, they still have with them and practice their cultural beliefs and practices. This is not wrong and as a Melanesian and Papua New Guinean, I believe in retaining and making sure my culture does not die away. There are some that are good and even biblical but my concern is with those cultural practices and beliefs that are evil, bad, satanic and ungodly. Those are practices that do not glorify God and do not have any biblical backing. These are the ones that I am totally against. It is now becoming one of my life’s goals to go back to my people and help them understand that life originated out of God and not from dead spirits or some unknown source. We are supposed to be living the godly and kingdom culture of God on this earth. 

Anyway, after completing his education as a grade ten student from Mainohana Secondary School, He got a job with a local fisheries company from the island and began his career. That was when he moved to the city (Moresby) and met mum. Together, they got a house in the surburb of Gerehu and that was when I came alone. Dad was a great man. He was a loving father that was always there to put food on the table. Like any other father, He was the provider for the family. He was the one responsible for providing me with the education that I now have.

My Mum (To be continued).....................

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Eu Ori Nena

Eu Ori Nena (This is my story)

I was born named Emmanuel Hibu Arua. I was said to be named after my grandfather (my father’s father).  In my culture, every time a child is born, he is given a public name and a village name or traditional name. So there are two names, one for your public life and one for your traditional life. 

I was named after my grandfather with the name “Arua Aisi" which is off course my village name. My public name is Emmanuel Arua but because there are so many Emmanuel Arua's in Central Province, I had to uniquely identify my name by adding the "hibu" part which was my baby name given by my parents. By adding that, my name was changed to Emmanuel Hibu Arua which is the current name I am now using.

In many societies and cultures around the world, names are treated and named upon others with very high regard, sensitivity and responsibility and are believed to have a influence on a persons life, destiny or even the type of person he/she becomes. Furthermore, it is believed that you become like the person you are named after. Even the bible has accounts of great man who had names which were called upon them in order that their lives would become like their name. In other words, a name had attached to it their purpose, calling or even destiny. I for one believe in names but not because my culture practices it but because it is biblical as I believe in God (Yahweh).

After accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior and becoming a born again, blood washed Christian, I realized that names are very important. They can either carry a curse or a blessing. If we don't know our standing or identity in Christ Jesus, a name can be active in a persons life meaning the name fulfills what it was intended to fulfill. You become like the name or the name becomes real. When I say identity in Christ I mean that whenever you accept Christ as your personal lord and savior, you are a new being. The bible says the old has gone and the new has come. With this new life in Christ, I believe we must always consider our names and ask God making sure the blood of Jesus renews and cleanses our name from whatever its old origins and definitions were into one that is new in Christ Jesus and God ordained. That is the power of a name.

If "Emmanuel" means "God is with us" then it is definitely true that God is with us because that's what the names means or says. I have come to fall in love with my name so much because of it is meaning and I believe there is power in my name. If God's word declares that He will never leave nor forsake us, the name Emmanuel always reminds me of God's promise and it has helped me a lot in knowing that God sees everything I do both good and bad and it has helped me to be a good Christian. It played a big part in helping me to pursue a life of purity and righteousness as I know that the God I serve and revere is a awesome, powerful, loving, great and mighty God. He is watching therefore I must live right and make sure my relationship with him is in right standing and that all my motives and thoughts about everything and anything is godly. Afterall, He sees everything and is always with me. He is too big a God that I may defile and disobey

For me, this is the power of my name. This is what my name means to me and what it has done to shape my life into what God expects of me. Emmanuel means God is with us. What a powerful name?

To you my dear reader, what is your name? Is it John, Peter, Michael or Jack? Is it Arua, Warupi, Aisi, Vagi, Morea, Varage, Ravu or Kila? Whatever your name is;  I believe it really needs reviewing. Research it and see what it means. If it is from the bible, believe it and live it. This does not mean that you with a traditional name is left out. Your name is also important but you need to know what it means. If it means something good, positive and godly, be proud of it and live up to it but if it is not, you have two choices. You either change that name or you pray and ask God with the power of the blood of Jesus to remove everything bad about that name. Even if it means going to the extent of giving your life to Christ if you haven't done so and start off fresh with all curses and meanings erased of your name.

To God be the glory!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Success is Yours

You hold the key to your own success. It will take your committment to take your from point A to point B.